"Adam is a blessing to our planet.  He has created a solution to recycle styrofoam for us which is simple and efficient.  Just email him and he will set a time to pick it up outside our residence.  How great is this, and what a feel good experience.  He is a source of inspiration and hope.  Thank you Adam!"

-Barbara R. 

"For years when I was at a small restaurant and asked for water, it would show up in a Styrofoam cup.  I could not throw the cup away so I took it back to the office or home and kept using it.  It still amazes me that Styrofoam is used so often.  When I saw that someone would take it away and recycle it I was relieved.  I left it outside and Adam took it away.  I wish Adam the best with his business that contributes to making the earth a little better."

-Jack L.  


"I am a person who agonizes over what my family and I put into the landfill. I go out of my way to seek out any opportunity to avoid the landfill when possible. When I purchase an item, like a lamp made of glass, it is typically encased in styrofoam and I cringe. I am so very thankful to Styrofree for their dedication and service to solving this problem. In addition, they couldn’t have made it any easier!  I placed the box of styrofoam on my porch, emailed them, and they hauled it away. I will recommend them always!"

-Jamie B.